Raincoats for All Reasons

Rainy days are here again and with them comes the joy of choosing the right raincoat for you. Here are some of our best tips to help you make a good purchase for the winter weather. Like these? Check out our Polyvore page for more information on where to find them. Fit: As always, make sure that if you're planning to layer up, [...]

Add New Life to Your Old Pieces

Wondering how to give your wardrobe a boost without a budget? Here are the top three tips for making a shift on a shoestring: Tip #1: Combinations Try a new combination: One of the most common wardrobe errors is to always wear the same pieces the same way. Instead of always pairing the same blouse with your black pants, try it with your other pants, [...]

Handbag Switching Made Easy

Have you ever switched bags and discovered later in the day that a crucial piece was missing from your purse? Whether it's feminine supplies, a lipstick, your wallet or day-planner, business cards or a packet of tissue, not having that thing when you need it can be frustrating. Sometimes we can purchase what we need on the go, but sometimes we can't. There are a [...]

Body Shaming and Sexism – A Deeper Image Issue

You may have been following the Olympics these past days, watching athletes excel in their chosen sports, pushing their limits and inspiring countless others to do the same. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the contest and one that's been exposed more often since the advent of social media. Body shaming isn't new, and neither is sexism, but both have been called out on the [...]

Wear the Trend – Summer 2016 Rucksacks

Love comfortable and practical solutions for carrying your stuff? This trend is for you. Though the rucksack is generally considered a more casual type of bag, it can be dressed up with leather and more structure, or dressed down with a more casual fabric choice and a softer style. Here is a small sample that shows how different personality types might exercise this trend, from [...]

How Long Does It Take To Analyze a Wardrobe?

When people ask me this question, I inevitably use my standard answer, which is: "It depends." There are a lot of factors in play that make this process more complex than a quick sort and purge, as well as create a deeply satisfying result that goes beyond simple organization. Every individual is different and deserves a customized approach; our process is similar in each case, [...]