How Do I Know if I’m Communicating with Impact?

The answer is incredibly simple: “If you’re getting the results you want, if people are listening to you and if they’re responding favorably, then your communication is impactful. If you’re not, then it’s not.” People fail to communicate with impact when they don’t realize that impactful communication consists of two parts, one internal and one external. Before we ever communicate anything to anyone, we first [...]

Stop Expecting People to Know What To Do

Not getting the results you need or want from your team? As a leader, you can’t get mad when your people don’t know what to do. Sure, leadership competencies might be a Google search away, but there’s a massive difference between reading about what’s expected in the world and knowing what’s expected in your specific workplace. Provided that you’ve hired team members who are intelligent [...]

Where Has Your Sense of Wonder Gone?

One of the things that's so great about making friends with your inner child is that you can continually access a sense of wonder and joy.   Think about the kids in your life - they are very rarely sitting around, ho-hum about the day to day. Instead, they are often very excited about the smallest things, and express their joy and delight regularly. When [...]

Why Childhood Experience Matters

A lot of people have the idea that the past has passed and has no effect on what we do day-to-day. Though it is very true that we cannot change the past, the past can be very helpful for helping us understand our behavior in the present. In all my work with clients over the years, we can often trace current triggers such as issues [...]

Make Friends With Your Inner Child

We all have an inner five-year-old who occasionally drives the bus. It's that little part of us that remains even when we've done our inner work or most of it and are generally in good control of ourselves and emotionally well regulated. The kid might be present when we notice and experience strong emotions, take an impulsive action, or simply want to run away from [...]

Coaching vs. Consulting – When and Why?

I often am asked what the difference is between coaching and consulting and here is the best explanation I’ve heard:   Coaching is helping people to find their own answers. Consulting is helping people by providing answers or advice.   The interesting thing is that what would be considered taboo in one discipline is exactly what is needed in the other. In coaching, you strictly [...]