Where to Get Good Wet Weather Wear in Vancouver, BC

Rainy days are here again and great rainwear is an essential part of any Wet Coast wardrobe. Here are my top three places in Vancouver to get good (read: stylish) gear! 1. Lord's Shoes (women only, sorry guys), Gravity Pope, Nordstrom and the Bay for rain boots. Check out Aquatalia, Dav, Cougar and Hunter brands. 2. Lord's Shoes wins again for cute functional jackets, but [...]

Getting Dressed on a Dime

I recently did a presentation for the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's "Leaders of Tomorrow" program and, as always, offered an opportunity for the first six students who emailed me to get thirty minutes of my time, on me. Aside from the questions on how to network effectively and how to get ahead faster (the answer to both of those questions is "be patient", by [...]

Leading for Gender Diversity: Top 10 tips for men who want to be champions

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a Women's Executive Network presentation where Dr. Elizabeth Croft, an accomplished mechanical engineer and robotics professor at UBC shared the lessons from her personal journey. She made a compelling case for engaging male leadership as a key component of encouraging gender diversity, particularly in engineering. In less than ten minutes, she mentioned at least four men who [...]

When Everything Is a Trend, Nothing Is a Trend

a young woman staring at all her clothes I admit it. I'm tired of the ridiculous trend lists that come out every season, breathlessly trumpeting what everyone MUST have in their closet. When a list of trends looks like this... Beachy Stripes, Banker Stripes, Rainbow Stripes, Single Shoulder Cutout or Off the Shoulder, Slit or Bell Sleeves, Khaki/Utilitarianism, Bright Yellow, Bright Pink, White [...]

Four Big Mistakes Singles Make That Torpedo First Dates

Believe it or not, single people on the dating scene all wonder the same thing: “What are people thinking of me when I meet them for the first time?” Although we would love to believe that people don’t judge us on our outward appearance, it’s simply not true. We’re hard-wired to make quick judgments about the people we meet. Here’s a good example – take [...]

Rainboots for Every Colour Palette

It can sometimes be challenging to find footwear to complement your colour palette - luckily, more and more companies are choosing to produce rainboots in every colour, from whimsical brights to sober neutrals. Here is a sample set from our Polyvore page: If you are part of the Winter family of colours (True/Deep/Clear) then a lovely black boot will work well. For Autumn palettes (True/Deep), [...]