LZRK Approach

Why It Matters

I’m interested in changing the game we play. I’d like to see gender parity in my lifetime and I’m tired of waiting. I’ll do whatever I can to get women into senior leadership faster and get men on board as champions of diversity. Champions of women have the best of intentions but don’t always know what to do to support gender parity and diversity initiatives as good allies. We need each other. It’s time to put some of those good intentions into thoughtful action.

I’ve gone through several evolutions since starting my practice ten years ago and this is the latest and the best. Over the past decade, I’ve used a variety of systems and have come to the conclusion that nothing changes without a consistently applied program of development. As a result, I’ve now created programs around what I know to be the underlying principles of strong leadership development and coaching.

Our Philosophy

Powerful leaders have three things in common:

a) Self awareness
b) Expertise
c) Humanity

They know who they are and what they want. They’re able to leverage their unique mix of traits to succeed. They’re human and they understand how to relate to others in good times and challenges.

In our programs, through a series of observations, assessments and conversations, we work to identify your challenges and set out a plan for consultation and coaching to get you to the top of your leadership game. Most of what we do isn’t construction, it’s refinement. We work with committed, smart and interesting people who are already doing well and we help them do better.

Ready to make a change?