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Need an engaging, informative speaker for your conference, team building day, or business association? Katherine delivers powerful talks on areas of Professional Presence Mastery, including leadership presence, communication, behaviour and appearance, with a side of wake up and smell the social change.

Here are some of Katherine’s most popular speaking topics.

Popular Topic:

No One Sees Your Skills – Leveraging Your Professional Presence for Success

In today’s attention deficit economy, it’s harder than ever to get noticed and to be remembered, let alone get in the door to sell your services, get promoted, or influence your team effectively. If you’re not leveraging your professional presence, you’re leaving money on the table. Katherine Lazaruk of Lazaruk Consulting Inc. delivers this exciting, content-packed event. You’ll learn what professional presence is, why it’s important, and how it directly contributes to your earning potential, relationship capital, and business success.

Popular Topic:

Stepping Up to Leadership

Maximizing professional presence helps you master the art of exquisite influence, own your skills, and speak about them clearly and credibly. It helps you define your leadership presence and style and allows you to lead in a way that is uniquely you. In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn how to recognize whether your professional presence is working for you or against you and pick up tips that will increase your potential for career advancement.

Popular Topic:

Prestige, Power & Success: Top Ten Ways to Get More with Executive Presence

For male high performers, the most common concern is how to navigate success in the #metoo millennial world. Men are noticing that what’s worked for them all their careers isn’t working now and they are unsure about how to get their mojo back. In this interactive workshop, we talk about leveraging executive presence, developing balanced masculinity, and becoming the rainmakers without drowning out the crowd.

If you’re tired of boring keynotes, business topics with no sense of humour, or simply want a presentation that provokes thought, talk with Katherine about your next event.