Master Your Professional Presence
to Reach Your Maximum Potential

When it comes to success in today’s fast paced world, you’ve got less time than ever to get your audience’s attention, never mind create the interest, influence and impact you want. The fact is you could be the most skilled person in the world and no one will ever know if you don’t show up well. I don’t love that, but it’s the world we’re in and sometimes we need to play the game. Together we can develop your professional presence to help you leverage your skills, talents and intellect into professional success.

  • Are you outwardly successful but still worry you’ll be “found out” as incapable or unqualified?
  • Do you minimize your accomplishments because you don’t want to be seen as arrogant or bragging?
  • Have you been great at negotiating things for others but not for yourself?
  • Are your ideas, value and skills great, but not articulated as well as you’d like?
  • Ever talked yourself out of an opportunity or job because you didn’t feel ready?
  • Feeling unsure of what it might be that’s holding you back?
  • Is your presence as powerful as you’d like?
  • Are you getting all the results you want?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

These things happen when your professional presence (your ability to project confidence, radiate capability, and inspire action) doesn’t match your skill set.


15% of your success is based on your skill set and 85% is based on the way you show up.

If you’re like many high-performing, high-potential leaders, you want to create an impact while leveraging every inch of your skill set to get ahead. Getting ahead might mean getting promoted, getting a new job, or digging deeper into the role you have. All you know is that you’re not feeling completely satisfied with where you are now.

You have an idea of where you’d like to go and need some help figuring out how to get there.

We work with high-performing people who are interested in making sure they get noticed, are heard and understood. For everything from your look to your leadership skill set, a supportive, non-directive private executive coaching approach to today’s leadership challenges helps you take the right action at the right time, for you.