Train Your Top Talent in
Professional Presence Mastery
with Corporate Team Coaching

Imagine if your high potential talent had the opportunity to develop their presence as much as they developed their skill sets. Given that their success is based on just 15% skills and 85% presence, why wouldn’t you invest in their ability to create influence and impact for the good of your business?

Better communicators mean higher performing teams, better sales and better bottom lines for companies of all sizes.

Do you have a great team of Directors, top talent, high potentials and senior executives who aren’t quite showing up the way you know they can? Do they miss the mark just slightly in presentations, conversations, business functions, leadership roles, and in the day-to-day operation of the team? Are they way off-base?

Our emerging leaders learn to pay attention not only to their technical skills, but also to their relational skills; the programs we create challenge their existing mental frameworks and inspire them to raise the bar on their level of attention to detail when it comes to the way they show up.

From their visual signature to their verbal presentation, we help them navigate the challenges that come with today’s fast paced world. Make sure their presence reflects the best of your company.

Group Coaching for Better Culture and Communication

As a Certified Leadership Coach, Katherine is an expert in getting the issues on the table and helping groups navigate their personal concerns as well as those of the group. She helps high-performing teams leverage their professional presence to solve their relational concerns as a team.

Taking a non-directive coach approach to performance evaluation and management lets companies encourage and motivate their people with radical personal responsibility and ownership, not hierarchical direction. Some of the things we’ve assisted companies with include:

  • Developing a corporate team coaching culture
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Building stronger teams
  • Getting through road blocks
  • Evaluating and implementing new performance management systems