What Investing in My Brand Taught Me

  Top Five Things Investing in My Brand Did for My Business and My Life So, we’ve just won a brand award. Yep, that’s right, in partnership with REX Marketing + Design Inc., LZRK Consulting Inc. was named a Bronze Winner at the Summit Creative Award Competition for Consulting Visual Identity Design, out of more than 4,500 submissions from 27 countries. Now, it might not [...]

Top 3 Things that Hijack Your Digital Professional Presence

Nothing says, “I can’t navigate my technology professionally” or “I don’t care about my professional presence” faster than falling into these top three traps that can catch even the savviest technophiles. Though the media keep telling us that everything we post online is available to recruiters, every email we send makes a statement and our voicemail says something about us, I can’t believe how many people I see [...]

Is Our View of Leadership Biased?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the art and science of leadership, specifically related to the work I do with female leaders on creating more influence, interest and impact. I love to learn and am continually reading, researching and watching TED talks and other videos from various coaches, academics and psychologists. This isn’t a new topic for me, but one I’ve recently started questioning [...]

Gravitas in Action via Gender Parity

It’s true! The Canadian government, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, has achieved a 50/50 gender balance and the outcry around merit is huge. Suddenly, now that women are being appointed to leadership positions, there is a question about whether or not they are qualified to be appointed to those positions. The interesting point is that if we had kept the status quo, appointing few [...]

The Language of Leadership

Today’s Thoughtful Thursday musings are all about language – the words we use and what messages they convey. I recently finished reading Judith Humphrey’s book, Taking the Stage, where she talks about the language patterns women use that diminish their leadership presence. The three that I hear most often when working with my clients include asking permission to speak, apologizing too much and using qualifiers that undercut [...]

Leading for Gender Diversity: Top 10 Tips for Men Who Want to be Champions

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a Women’s Executive Network presentation where Dr. Elizabeth Croft, an accomplished mechanical engineer and robotics professor at UBC shared the lessons from her personal journey. She made a compelling case for engaging male leadership as a key component of encouraging gender diversity, particularly in engineering. In less than ten minutes, she mentioned at least four men who [...]