I’ve been thinking a lot lately about help. The help we need, the help we get, the help we provide and the help that never comes. To me, help is just one more point of connection, but somewhere along the way we’ve lost the idea that we need it, or lost the ability to discern when we do. When people ask me about how I [...]

The Age of Compartmentalization is Finished

The Age of Compartmentalization is Finished   Our world has cracks, deep fault lines that have existed for years in the structures that have laid the foundation for our current situation. Whether it’s a division between class or race, or the weakness of our economy, or the simple inhumanity and unsustainability of our current models, the pandemic is like a great low tide, exposing the [...]

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Holiday Office Party Experience Easy, Simple and Successful

Holiday parties can be a lot of fun if you remember three simple words: prepare, perform and praise. Sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics of party etiquette; though these things seem simple, it’s always good to remind ourselves that parties are still business much of the time in the entrepreneurial world.   Here are ten tips to help you be successful and [...]

Choosing and Using a Great Umbrella

In a rainy city such as Vancouver, it is certain that one will be using an umbrella near others. First, choose the right umbrella for you to avoid struggling with the size and weight of it as you walk down the sidewalk. Match the scale of the umbrella to your height and the colour palette to one of your neutrals or more than one of [...]

I’m Finding My Tone

Coming out on social media, mattering for client attraction and community building and care extended to all who wantneedhavetoknow all about themselves is a new thing for me and balancing my edge with my elegance of practice is no mean feat when my edge might be too sharp and my elegance too soft. I’m walking the ways of paths of others while searching, still searching, [...]

The Answer to Any Professional Presence Question Is…

The answer to any professional presence question is always “It depends.” It’s all based in context. Your situation, your personality, your capacity, your ability, and your mindset are all going to affect the answer to the seemingly simple questions and so there is no one set answer that will cover all people for all things. Stop trying to find quick fixes to things. It depends.

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