In a rainy city such as Vancouver, it is certain that one will be using an umbrella near others. First, choose the right umbrella for you to avoid struggling with the size and weight of it as you walk down the sidewalk. Match the scale of the umbrella to your height and the colour palette to one of your neutrals or more than one of your colours in your palette. I always encourage fun in umbrellas, so look for something that makes you laugh in the gloom.


Always check for nearby people and avoid becoming an “umbrella bumbler” with the following tips:


  1. When travelling under a long awning, furl your umbrella and hold it at your side pointing down.
  2. Master the ‘umbrella dance’ by tilting your umbrella to the outside, raising it up or dropping it down when passing another pedestrian.
  3. Furl your umbrella outside of the building you are entering and gently shake it to the side of the door before entering.
  4. Upon entering, leave your umbrella in the umbrella container near the door.
  5. When leaving a building, step to the side of the door, keep your umbrella furled until the way is clear and hold your umbrella down towards the street when opening.


Enjoy the rainy season and have fun!