Summer 2016 Dress Styling

There is a multitude of beautiful and fun dresses out this season to keep you cool and stylish at the same time. Here are a few options for different personality style types. If you're a bit of a romantic and love the slip dresses, try a floral. If you're a natural and practical woman, give a belted shirt dress a try instead of your athletic [...]

Wear the Trend on Your Own Terms – Spring 2016 – Stripes

Stripes can be a fun, fresh addition to a Spring or Summer wardrobe module. There are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing a stripe that works for you. As always, everyone can wear or not wear a trend as they wish. Still not sure about how different trends could work for you or be incorporated into a more classic, timeless wardrobe? Click here [...]

Wear the Trend On Your Own Terms – Spring 2016 – Suede

Suede can be problematic for spring weather for a number of reasons, not the least of which is maintenance. Here are three things you'll need if you love and want to wear suede: To protect it: Find a good suede protector and spray your items every few weeks - for footwear, especially in a rainy climate, you can spray as often as every three to [...]

Spring 2016 – Wear the Trend On Your Own Terms – Floral

One of the trends this season is romance, of which floral is one part. Stay tuned for other posts on silky fabrics, lace and other ways this trend can be expressed in clothing. If you love floral patterns but aren't sure how to choose one that will work, try checking out these three elements to begin. Not sure how to figure it out? We'd be [...]

Barbie Makes it to the 21st Century, Sort Of.

Time has done a feature story on Mattel's attempt to model a bit more diversity in their ever-popular Barbie dolls with something Mattel is calling "Project Dawn". Full text with accompanying pictures can be found here. The article notes that this surge of interest in recreating Barbie only came when moms started voting with their dollars; driven by a slide in profitability, Mattel has been [...]

Spring 2016 Trend Reports – Where to Look to Find the News

There are a number of good sources for trend reports you can seek out, but sometimes it's nice to have an easy list of the best to make the searching easier. Here are three of the ones we favour when doing this type of trend research. Naturally we work with our clients to source the best trends for them (if they like trends) and look [...]