Turning your mind away from familiar old programming (stories you tell yourself, other people’s voices you carry, societal conditions of existence, deep beliefs) and into new pathways can be a challenging process, as challenging as hacking a path through a jungle with a machete. Right now, your thought patterns, for good or ill, are as ingrained as an eight-lane superhighway and shifting something that smoothly traveled, though worthy, might feel super weird at the beginning when it’s all you can do just to catch the negative thought that is chasing itself around your head. It will feel weird but keep going.


Computer, overloaded

Freezing, slow

Shutting down conversations

In the middle of thought


Digital reflection

Of life, overloaded

RAM running hard and hot

Hard drive crashing


Binary existence unsuited

To multifaceted human experience

Yet mirrors on mirrors

No rest, no time, some no, not enough


Run, run programs

Restart, restart, heart

Beat faster, slow attack

Stuck, skipping record groove


Familiar familiars

Face facts

How sufficient, settling

For same is sane?


Others, self, change one, change all

Coding, encoded

Seeing hourglass, wheel, circle, turn turn

Reprogramming in progress…I think?