The answer is incredibly simple:

“If you’re getting the results you want, if people are listening to you and if they’re responding favorably, then your communication is impactful. If you’re not, then it’s not.”

People fail to communicate with impact when they don’t realize that impactful communication consists of two parts, one internal and one external.

Before we ever communicate anything to anyone, we first must know what we want to say, which is an internal process. It’s hard to know what we want to say if we don’t know what we want and it’s even harder to know what we want if we don’t know who we are. Only after achieving clarity on those things can we actually work on saying it in a way that makes people take notice.

People who know who they are, know what they want and who are able to articulate it clearly to others are much more likely to get what they want. If you want a promotion, a project, a sale or a date, you’d better communicate, with impact.