One of the things that’s so great about making friends with your inner child is that you can continually access a sense of wonder and joy.


Think about the kids in your life – they are very rarely sitting around, ho-hum about the day to day. Instead, they are often very excited about the smallest things, and express their joy and delight regularly. When was the last time you felt joy in watching the train come into the station, or standing at the front window and watching the scenery go by? When was the last time you jumped in a mud puddle and enjoyed the splash? When was the last time you bought yourself some colorful pens and a coloring book or some blank paper and delighted and placing them all in a rainbow row, ready for your picture to arrive? When did you last snuggle up under blankets and watch a silly movie with popcorn? When was the last time you felt like a kid dressed up in your business suit, carrying a briefcase into a meeting, and feeling like you were playing the best game of pretend ever?!


We could all use a little more joy and wonder. Where can you let your inner child out to play?