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Brevity is the Soul of Wit and of Email


An interesting observation was made in a client workshop a while back about how much time the group has reclaimed since we did a deep dive into the structure and function of their email communications. [...]

Brevity is the Soul of Wit and of Email2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

What’s the Cost?


This week I’ve been seeing several clients with the same issue – there is something in their professional arena, whether a troubling client, a challenging direct report, or a systemic thorny problem, that is causing [...]

What’s the Cost?2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Reprogramming – Hard but Necessary!


Turning your mind away from familiar old programming (stories you tell yourself, other people’s voices you carry, societal conditions of existence, deep beliefs) and into new pathways can be a challenging process, as challenging as [...]

Reprogramming – Hard but Necessary!2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

A General Direction is Better than Specifics


When it comes to setting a course for yourself and your development, a broad statement is better than a specific and here’s why: A broad statement allows room to adapt to change when change comes, [...]

A General Direction is Better than Specifics2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

How Do I Know if I’m Communicating with Impact?


The answer is incredibly simple: “If you’re getting the results you want, if people are listening to you and if they’re responding favorably, then your communication is impactful. If you’re not, then it’s not.” People [...]

How Do I Know if I’m Communicating with Impact?2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Stop Expecting People to Know What To Do


Not getting the results you need or want from your team? As a leader, you can’t get mad when your people don’t know what to do. Sure, leadership competencies might be a Google search away, [...]

Stop Expecting People to Know What To Do2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Where Has Your Sense of Wonder Gone?


One of the things that's so great about making friends with your inner child is that you can continually access a sense of wonder and joy.   Think about the kids in your life - [...]

Where Has Your Sense of Wonder Gone?2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Why Childhood Experience Matters


A lot of people have the idea that the past has passed and has no effect on what we do day-to-day. Though it is very true that we cannot change the past, the past can [...]

Why Childhood Experience Matters2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Make Friends With Your Inner Child


We all have an inner five-year-old who occasionally drives the bus. It's that little part of us that remains even when we've done our inner work or most of it and are generally in good [...]

Make Friends With Your Inner Child2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00

Coaching vs. Consulting – When and Why?


I often am asked what the difference is between coaching and consulting and here is the best explanation I’ve heard:   Coaching is helping people to find their own answers. Consulting is helping people by [...]

Coaching vs. Consulting – When and Why?2023-08-29T16:00:22-07:00