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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about help. The help we need, the help we get, the help we provide and the help that never comes. To me, help is just one more point of [...]


The Age of Compartmentalization is Finished


The Age of Compartmentalization is Finished   Our world has cracks, deep fault lines that have existed for years in the structures that have laid the foundation for our current situation. Whether it’s a division [...]

The Age of Compartmentalization is Finished2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

Choosing and Using a Great Umbrella


In a rainy city such as Vancouver, it is certain that one will be using an umbrella near others. First, choose the right umbrella for you to avoid struggling with the size and weight of [...]

Choosing and Using a Great Umbrella2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

I’m Finding My Tone


Coming out on social media, mattering for client attraction and community building and care extended to all who wantneedhavetoknow all about themselves is a new thing for me and balancing my edge with my elegance [...]

I’m Finding My Tone2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

The Answer to Any Professional Presence Question Is…


The answer to any professional presence question is always “It depends.” It’s all based in context. Your situation, your personality, your capacity, your ability, and your mindset are all going to affect the answer to [...]

The Answer to Any Professional Presence Question Is…2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

Why Does Etiquette Matter?


I was at a client lunch for a team I was helping with strategy a few months ago and at that lunch, I asked if the woman across from me wanted to hear a dining [...]

Why Does Etiquette Matter?2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

We’ve Got This


And even if we don't, we're still here and still going. I'm sure you've heard the adage, "It will be all right in the end. If it's not all right, it's not the end." Instead [...]

We’ve Got This2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

Self Care Up, Not Down


It's easy to let the things that keep you healthy go when you're stressed. "Not enough time to care for myself, gotta finish this project", you think. "I'll skip the gym, the good dinner, the [...]

Self Care Up, Not Down2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00

When Things Get Rough, Get Focused


As things shift and change in our world and recession looms, it's more important than ever to pay close attention to your inner and outer worlds as a leader. When things are going smoothly, it's [...]

When Things Get Rough, Get Focused2023-08-29T16:00:21-07:00