Rainboots for Every Colour Palette

It can sometimes be challenging to find footwear to complement your colour palette – luckily, more and more companies are choosing to produce rainboots in every colour, from whimsical brights to sober neutrals. Here is a sample set from our Polyvore page:


If you are part of the Winter family of colours (True/Deep/Clear) then a lovely black boot will work well. For Autumn palettes (True/Deep), look for a dark wine colour or a traditional dark brown. For Springs (True/Warm), try a lighter tan or tobacco colour. Finally, for the Summer palettes (True/Cool/Soft/Light), something in the range of grays will work for you.

For more brand information on these specific styles, click here to link to our page on Polyvore. We also wrote a short post on some of our favourite waterproof and water resistant brands a while back, click here to see it.

Still not sure what colour or style of boot is best for you? We can help – click here to get started.