Splish Splash! Boots for Fall

You might not be quite thinking of winter boots just yet, but the fall rain is just around the corner and the snow isn’t far behind. Visions of winter boots might generate images of shaggy sheepskin or clunky Sorels, but the technology around waterproofing and warmth has come a long way since those fuzzy boots were fashionable. Even leather is an option – with the right protection and the right care tools, naturally. Here are five brands to consider for keeping your feet warm and dry this season.

1. Aquitalia – every item in their collection (boots, booties, shoes and handbags) are all treated with a special weatherproofing process that keeps them dry in even the wettest weather. Each item has several pages of styles to choose from and can be purchased online and at retailers locally, including Lord’s Shoes and Ingledews.

2. Cole Haan – always streamlined without too much fuss, this brand makes several good boot and bootie designs that are waterproof, from a short light-coloured leather wedge, to a tall riding boot. You can find this brand at Town Shoes and the Bay, among others.

3. Valdini – this brand has a complete line of both men’s and women’s weatherproof boots in various styles, including smooth leathers and suede. They’re a bit sportier and highly practical and some are warmer than others, so it will depend on where you plan to wear them. This brand is carried locally at Lord’s Shoes and Brown’s. Oddly enough, they don’t seem to have a company website, but there are a number of online shoe companies that stock them.

4. Andre Assous has tall narrow boots as well as a few shorter styles to choose from. Fairly streamlined, the tall boots should keep you dry up past your knees. Pair it with a long raincoat and you’ll be covered! (pun intended).

5. Bos & Co. – this company makes a more casual boot, some with extra warm fuzzy lining for those colder days. Lord’s carries them locally in Vancouver as well.

If none of these suit your fancy, there’s always the ever popular Hunter rainboots in a myriad of colours. Whatever you choose, remember to stock up on leather protector and remember to get a good suede brush if you go with suede. A short brush after drying them off can dramatically lengthen the life of your boots. For more on rain coverage, check out our post on umbrella bumbles and also our top tips for choosing the right boots for you.

Waterproof Boots