People have asked me for years about how they can improve their presence, get promoted, get a date, and get the life they want, and after sixteen years I’ve come to this conclusion:

“You cannot be fully present if you are not fully yourself.”

You are a complete person now, in this moment, regardless of what you think you need to improve. Presence comes from embodying the totality of you, of yourself as a whole person. To get where you want to go and to get what you want, you need to spend time building the foundation of you – learning who you are, learning what you want, learning how you operate best and in what environments, learning what suits you and your body in terms of movement, food, clothing, transportation, activities, and work, all of it. Cast off the stuff that people said about you that was wrong and embrace what you know to be true about yourself; the dark, the light, all the things you want to hide and all the things you want to show. Embrace it all.

Nature doesn’t make mistakes. Whatever container you’re here in is the perfect container to do whatever you’re meant to do on the planet. The sooner you make friends with your container, the smoother your life is going to roll.

Get rolling. Get whole. Get present.