People don’t change. We come into this world, trailing clouds of glory and spend most of our lives layering up our core with outside influence. Then, when we’re lost and not getting what we want or where we want to go, we wonder why.


Who you were when you came here is exactly the person you need to be to do whatever you are meant to do on this planet and the sooner you make friends with that person, the easier your life is going to roll.


Think back. Thinks waaaaaay back. What’s your earliest memory? What were you doing? How were you feeling? What did you like? What pleased you? 


This is how you find your way back to your foundations, to the place where your presence lives. It’s at your core and though your core self might get refined, rediscovered, reworked, adorned or scorned, it doesn’t change.


Instead of running away from all the things that make you you, turn yourself around and run right towards them instead. Figure out where you got off track and why and then get re-centered. You need to get right to the core to get present. Get started.