A little clothing crisis, from an image consultant with a limited wardrobe, in poetry:


Ankle twisted boot bound
scooter smooth, crutches hitched
to the inability to drive, carry or walk

for myself, by myself but
as I stand before my closet
waiting to get dressed for
public consumption instead of
comfy at home,
I think:


What do I wear with a boot?

Skirt, wide leg pant, stretch and pull?

Bent at knee, boot sock showing,

no skinny pants here! And
what bag matches
the black scooter metal wheel
turning, trying, into the
hamster running wheel of my mind:


What do I wear with a boot?

Settled on skirt, I think,
shoulder strapped bag
for easy hands free carrying

and then, the shoe, which shoe?
One only, non-slip, supportive!
Makes me think of all the days
I put my clothes on without thinking
of all the people who need to think

daily, weekly, or maybe forever:


What do I wear with a boot?