Yes, that’s right, it’s a new season and with that comes new trends and more pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest. Here is a 3x3x3 from ICU – 3 top trends, 3 ways to wear them and 3 questions to ask before you put your money down.

Top Trends:

1. Patterns galore – from florals to stripes to geometric tiles, patterns are all over the runways this season.
2. All over colour – whether red or white, the all over colour trend is back.
3. Leather and fur – showing up in hats, leggings, sleeves and collars, both leather and fur are very present

How to wear them:

1. Keep the scale and level of contrast in the pattern in mind and match them to your scale. Generally speaking, small people wear small patterns, tall people wear large patterns. High contrast people (very dark hair, dark eyes) look great in high contrast patterns and lower contrast people look better in low contrast patterns. Also, consider the line of the pattern. If you’re very curvy you’re more likely to be happy in curvier lines; straight lines look best on a more angular figure. If you’re not going as far as head to toe patterns, try a bit in your scarves for a touch of trend without letting it trip you up!

2. Colour is terrific and head to toe colour can look very sophisticated. First, choose the shade of red or white that looks best on you and then have some fun with mixing textures/fabrics and types of clothing. Keep it balanced for the best effect and remember that things don’t have to necessarily match to go together.  Check out the Pantone report to see what colours this season fall into your palette.

3. If you like leather and fur (and faux or real is your choice), you’ll love this season. Keep in mind that leather usually signals a bit of rebellion and is a bit more edgy. If you love the look but not the heat, then try the leggings with a leather look instead. Fur can be worn at the collar as per usual, but if you’re going for something edgier, try one of the jackets with fur sleeves. Choose colours that work for you and again, match the piece to who you are – if you’re more classic, just a hint of either will do. If you’re more creative, enjoy playing with the various textures and even consider trying both at once.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Trend:

1. Will it go with things I already own?
2. Does it really suit me?
3. How often will I actually wear this item and where?

Don’t get tripped up by the trends and make sure that what you buy is worthy of you!