I admit it. I’m tired of the ridiculous trend lists that come out every season, breathlessly trumpeting what everyone MUST have in their closet. When a list of trends looks like this…

Beachy Stripes, Banker Stripes, Rainbow Stripes, Single Shoulder Cutout or Off the Shoulder, Slit or Bell Sleeves, Khaki/Utilitarianism, Bright Yellow, Bright Pink, White Shirt Dresses/New Shirting, Waist Cinchers, Fold Over Waists, Trench Coats, Boy Scout Sashes, Bathrobes, Athleisure, 80s Glam, Giant Bags, Giant Earrings, Giant Long Pendants, Giant Necklaces, Giant Shoulders, Lingerie on Display/Translucent Fabrics, Cutouts, Romantic Florals, Slogans, Flatforms, Origami, Jumpsuits, Leggings, Sweater Vests, Metallic Finish, 70s Prints, Babydoll, Round Shoulders, Puffball Shoulders, Punk Details, Fringe, Polka Dots, Patchwork, Bright Blue, Neon, Ruffles, Laces or Ties, Small Phone Cases, Ugly Shoes, Lower Lid Eyeshadow, Mini-Braids, Glittery Lips, Mushroom Cuts, High Ponytail, Bronzy Skin, Disco Eyes, Dark Goth Lips, Icy Blue/Icy Pink Eyeshadow, Kitten Eyes, Super Straight Hair, Neon Pink Eyeliner, Orange Eyeshadow, Bold Lip/Eye, Hoop Earrings, Baseball Caps, Wet-Look Hair, Ribbons/Flowers Hair Accessories, Gray Lipstick, Beachy Waves, Beehives, Low Ponytail, No Makeup Makeup Look, Long Sharp Nails, Ear Makeup, Eyebrow Makeup, Matchy Matchy Makeup, French Manicures

…then nothing is really a trend. The key to finding your way through the maze of options is to know yourself well enough to know what will work to help you look current (if that’s your goal) or to stay classic in a sea of silliness (if that’s your goal). Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Figure out which of the colours from the season will work for you. This year, the Pantone Report is littered with bright colours, which are great for those of you with intense, high contrast colouring; buy up all that shocking pink and blue while you can if you’re a cool undertone and all the orange and yellow if you’re a warm.
  2. Figure out the general themes for the trends. Here’s a hint: for those of you that want to be a bit fashion forward, try adding in a bit of colour blocking, stripes and an 80s hint of glam, whether that be statement earrings, giant shoulders or bold makeup. For those of you that want to be a bit more classic, try the new takes on the trench coat, shirt-dresses and stick with the understated makeup with perhaps a red or coral lip.
  3. Understand your body type and how it works with trend. If you’re a softer, curvier body type, then give the ruffles and soft draping or lingerie style looks a try. If you’re a bit straighter, try a bold shoulder or some of the cool origami folded/structured options.

Above all, remember that the good news is you can usually make something work for you if you know what to look for. Need a little help? Click here to get started.