I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of reading articles on how we all need to choose swimsuits that “hide those problem areas” or “balance out the body” or whatever latest euphemistic trendy words people come up with to suggest that somehow our bodies are horrible ugly things that need to be cloaked in illusion before heading to the beach (or anywhere else for that matter).

For this week’s Tip Tuesday, we’ve got our favourite three tips for choosing a swimsuit that works:

1. Make sure it fits all your bits. No pinching, pulling, sliding or itching. Nothing worse than jumping in the lake and finding your swimsuit making friends with parts of your body it was never designed to be friendly with.

2. Make sure it does what it’s supposed to do. If you want to lay on the beach with minimal movement, by all means go for the teeny bikini. If you plan to be waterskiing, swimming, diving or otherwise actively engaging in water sports, go for either a bikini with good straps or a one piece or tankini that can stand up to some vigorous movement. Do a couple of jumps and squats in the changeroom – move around in that thing before you buy it!

3. Choose something that makes you feel good – in a fun colour, a fun pattern, a sophisticated strappy number or the aforementioned teeny weeny bikini. You are not dressing for someone else’s viewing pleasure, you are dressing for the beach. Really, being on the beach naked is best, who wants to swim in wet cloth, but since current social norms make that challenging, then it’s wise to make sure whatever you’re wearing is working for you.

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