Sometimes the tide is out. Take today for instance. I now have this lovely little office space, have just come back from my professional conference full of new ideas and connections and networking buddies in the industry, new clothes, new glasses frames on the way and new contact lenses too (shopping is always de rigeur at the AICI Conference, and did you know that lens technology has caught up to high astigmatism prescriptions? Stay tuned for more blog on that!)

Business is back to usual with the rounds of networking, client care, lovely sessions and yet…the tide is out. I can’t seem to make myself stay in the office, lovely as it is…I can’t seem to rev myself up for anything other than the thought of vacation (which starts at the end of next week) and my head is full of cottony dreams and thoughts that just don’t seem to coalesce.

I met today with a potential new team member and realized something really important (again). Sometimes the tide is just out. Sometimes I need time to rest. Sometimes it’s just better to head to the beach, where the wind is playing with my hair, even as I sit here writing. Sometimes things just need to percolate, settle, disperse and clear in order for the next thing to happen.

I don’t know about you, but when things change for me, they *really* change. It’s go big or go home all the way, financially, emotionally, professionally and otherwise. Then I typically enter a period of settling down, which always strikes me with a vague feeling of, “Well? Get on with it! You’ve made the changes, now, GO!” This leaves me feeling a bit guilty and makes me think I ought to be working harder. It’s at this time that I’m fortunate to have people around me (okay, mostly my husband, but others too) who remind me that this is my pattern: big change, followed by big push, followed by a need for big rest.

Today, I’ve decided to give up the guilt.  Sometimes, the tide is just out.

Are you there too? How do you deal with change?