In this month’s issue of “Inside Image”, our professional association’s chapter magazine, the theme was ‘Things I Love’. Since I’m about to head out on vacation for two blissful weeks, I thought I’d share a few of the things I love with you and invite you to post about things you love, practical, indulgent, resplendent and otherwise.

1. I love to have unplanned time! In my life, I tend to run on a fairly rigorous schedule, with business and life activities scheduled in and running. I usually have one day a week (Sunday) when there isn’t any reason for me to leave the house and just be free of the clock and calendar, but there is something to be said for a good chunk of time. When I plan a vacation, I like to know that there isn’t anything I need to have done by any certain time. This allows me to run with my internal clock, drifting to the night-owl natural setting I have, staying up late and sleeping late too. If you run a tightly wound schedule, I encourage you to spend a bit of that time with no plan. Lots of lovely creative things spring up when you allow yourself to relax and unwind.

2. I love the summer weather in Vancouver. Rain or shine, I enjoy the warmth of the summer and the relaxed vibe that takes over the world. My favourite summer thing to do is to get out on the Seawall and head to Third Beach for the joy of sticking my feet in the sand and water and taking that first freezing plunge of the year into the ocean.  Not only that, but Vancouver has a vast array of great patios and one of my favourites is at Joe Fortes on Thurlow street. They’ve got a great U-shaped bar upstairs that is awesome for sipping cocktails and eating delicious oysters! Yum! I also love sitting by the logs at English Bay and Kits and reading! Again, that unplanned time allows for more daydreaming and recharging in the middle of the year.

3. Finally, what I love best about summer is the easy summer dresses! Whether a shirt dress, tee shirt style, maxi, mini, close fitting or loose, dresses are the easiest way to beat the heat in style. Check out H&M for inexpensive tees and Spank, Blushing Boutique and Malene Grotrian Design for higher quality and good value pieces for your summer wearing pleasure.

Keep cool and I’ll see you back here after August 7th! In the meantime, leave your comment below – what do you love?