I recently read a post on the ‘value of being busy’ and was struck by how it still seems to apply that ‘busier is better’. I for one disagree with this entirely and think that there isn’t enough value placed on vacation, on daydreaming, on introversion and on just plain doing nothing! I recently had the pleasure of taking two weeks and a few days off and unwinding was bliss. I slept straight through the night, stayed up late, ate whatever I wanted, read several books and magazines and watched a ton of movies. It was a great time to reconnect with my husband (sometimes ‘Date Night’ just isn’t enough time), see a few friends, get out and see some live music and do all those things that otherwise get put on the bottom of my priority list.

What does image have to do with vacation, you may ask? It shows several things about you and your business, and here I get to quote my lovely colleague Joanne Blake from Edmonton:

1. Going on a vacation shows you are competent.
2. No one is impressed if you don’t.
3. Your team is motivated.
4. Your team gets more productive.
5. Being unavailable helps people develop.
6. You will be more productive.
7. You will prioritize better.
8. You let other people be ‘important’.
9. Your company benefits.
10. You really do need a break.

As a recovering Type A, I understand that many of you won’t believe me – give it a try yourself and see the benefits. Get out there and get your R&R before the summer’s done!