Spring Colours for Every Palette

It’s that time of year again, the Pantone Spring 2015 Colour Report is here and as usual, there is something for every palette:

Pantone Spring

If your palette is:                    then try….

Summer                                    Lucite Green
Muted                                        Custard (if Muted Autumn) or Marsala (if Muted Summer)
Winter                                       Classic Blue
Deep                                          Toasted Almond
Light                                          Aquamarine or Strawberry Ice
Spring                                       Scuba Blue
Warm                                        Tangerine
Autumn                                     Scuba Blue or Tangerine or Custard
Cool                                           Glacier Gray

Keep in mind that the fabric type and dye method will affect the ‘real-life’ appearance of the colour, so be sure to keep your swatch wallet handy for quick comparison to ensure that the colour you’re choosing is good for you – if you love one of the colours outside of your palette, remember the complementary colour mixing or triadic colour mixing methods to add a current colour to your combinations. Check out our pages on Polyvore for examples of ways to mix colours and if you’d like more information on what colours are best for you, we’re always here to help, just click to get started. Happy Spring!