Many people wonder why a consultant would be valuable when it comes to shopping. Here are a few stats from our last few trips for your consideration:

In three hours, we have:

  • Visited up to six stores (pre-selected according to the client’s needs)
  • Purchased up to thirty-five items on the client’s shopping list (created from a closet audit, based on the time they spend in different roles)
  • Kept track of budgets, completing entire wardrobes from as low as $150 on a recent Value Village expedition to under $3500 for a new complete smart casual wardrobe including shoes and outerwear.
  • Helped clients avoid overwhelm and panic buying by only purchasing things that work well together and work with pieces already in their closets, guiding their choices based on what colours and styles work best for them.
  • Calculated the average dollar cost and cost per wear on items purchased (lower than you might expect)
  • Saved the client an average of ten to twelve hours per shop that they otherwise would have spent trying to find something that may or may not have worked.

When people consider the amount of clothing sitting unworn in their closet (often hundreds of dollars’ worth) and the time they spend looking for things (many wasted hours) and discounts they can get on clothing by shopping sales effectively or going with a consultant who has discount agreements with stores where they shop, they often recoup the consultant’s fees in a very short time. Not just for the wealthy or powerful any longer, consultants help everyday people, every day.