Oscar mania

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the fashion world stands in awe of the red-carpet marathon that is the Oscars. Everyone has an opinion on the gowns, tuxes, fabs and fails of this all-important night of celebrity celebration. As I arrived to my class of image consultants this morning, there was talk of those actors and actresses (mostly actresses) who did the red carpet proud. How did they get so good looking? Here’s how to get Oscar worthy style in five easy steps:

1. Choose a dress that complements your natural colouring, rather than creating a high-contrast look that overwhelms your figure. See this lovely picture of Jessica Chastain for an excellent example of dressing with your natural colouring.

2. Choose a dress that complements your natural body lines to show off your gorgeous bits! See this shot of Nancy O’Dell, host of Entertainment Tonight to see how line and shape can match your natural lines and shapes beautifully. This blue knockout really shows her hourglass shape!

3. Ensure that you check out all the details of your dress by taking a few sample pictures ahead of time to avoid any ‘unfortunate lines’ such as the dart placement in Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous number.  Make sure your dress looks great from every angle, such as the lovely dress that Amy Adams wore this year on the carpet.

4. Match your hairstyle to the style of the gown you’re wearing. If the gown is very formal or detailed, you may wish to choose a more detailed hairstyle. If you love a beachy kind of casual hairdo, then choose a beachy type of gown that goes well. Here’s a great example from Charlize Theron, who matched the super sharp lines in her gown with her super sharp short cut.

5. Finally, choose an outfit you’ll be comfortable in and one that suits your personality. Even if you don’t make the best-dressed list, you’ll still show your signature style. The fashion police might put out a hit on me for this one, but I’ve always loved the way Helena Bonham Carter just sticks with her own thing. She’s comfortable in her skin and always looks like her quirky, outlandish self. Rock on, Helena in your chiffon black and white nightie number!

Still not sure how to rock your own personal red carpet, or wondering how to make your everyday an Oscar day? Reach out to us.