Many people wonder how the process of working with a consultant looks and feels like and often have a lot of questions. Courtesy of my colleague Brenda Kinsel in San Francisco, here are some of the best questions, answered:

  1. Who hires an image consultant? Someone who would like to improve their appearance, image or enjoy more ease getting dressed and gaining confidence.
  2. What does an image consultant charge? Fees that would be equivalent to other professionals like counselors, life coaches, and trainers. Fees in big cities would be higher than fees in small cities.
  3. Do you meet with an image consultant once or twice? An image consultant is in your life on an on-going basis just like other professionals are, to be used as needed. People who have gardeners, professional housekeepers, trainers, or counselors retain them for the long haul because of the value they add to the client’s life. We’re in that category.
  4. What do image consultants do? Image consultants are educators. They are happy to help their clients understand the reasons behind the suggestions they make about colour, style, fit and appropriateness of clothing. They are generous about sharing what they know.  

Ultimately, image consultants make their client’s lives easier by eliminating problems or roadblocks so they can soar ahead in their lives, making a difference wherever they go. We’re called professionals for a reason. When people hire us they get to stop worrying about clothes, fashion, image, appropriateness, selling seasons, trends and more. We are their coach, advocate, advisor and champion for their well-being. Clients can relax, knowing they have expert support available to help them grow.

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