Using other kinds of colour theory to mix it up

There are a number of ways to mix colour, as we’ve already seen, using the dimensions of colour (value, intensity and undertone), the colour itself (tints, tones and shades) and using repetition to combine colours that don’t have the same properties. Here’s another interesting way to create harmony in your colourful look:

Analogous Colours

Any colours that are next to each other on a colour wheel (Google will give you several images), such as yellow and green, red and orange or blue and purple will combine nicely and you can use various tints, tones and shades of each. Keep in mind that repetition still holds – here we’ve used similar intensity and value to keep the colours together. This combination is quite light and fresh and would suit someone of similar light colouring. Want to know more about colours that would look great on you? Click here to get started.