When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was scared all the time. Scared of the mounting debt as I invested in tools, education, and networking. Scared of the time it was taking to build a practice. Scared I would fail. Scared I would succeed. Scared, scared, scared. I used fear like fuel, to light a fire under me to get into the office every day, to send those emails, make those calls, work with those clients, and write those marketing pieces. Fear is a great motivator, but unfortunately, fear burns. It’s not a useful long-term fuel – it’s hot, it’s destructive and it leaves you in ashes, burned out, sick and tired. It’s simply not sustainable.

A few years ago, I decided to turn it around and try operating and being motivated on faith instead. Faith in my track record of doing good work and getting hired again. Faith in my clients who refer me to others they think would benefit. Faith that my work had a place in this world and faith that I did too. I used music to help me (The Breakup Song by Francesca Battistelli was pivotal), post-it notes to remind me I was okay and most of all, I repeated this mantra daily, many times a day: “Faith, not fear.”. Every time I felt the slightest bit afraid, I caught it, reframed it, and reminded myself that unless a bear was chasing me, I was fine and guess what? I haven’t been chased by a bear in years. And I’m sleeping much better, and my business has tripled since then.

Fear isn’t the way. Have faith.