Have you been trying to figure out what to do for all your holiday shopping? Is picking an outfit stressing you out? Here are the top three tips to minimize your stress as you prep for the holiday shop:

1. Have a list when you shop and make your driving or transit plans in advance. If you’re doing some shopping for a holiday outfit, then first check your closet to sort out and let go of things that really aren’t working any more as this will help you list the things you need. Be gentle – if something doesn’t fit anymore, it’s okay. Remember the clothes have to fit you, not the other way around and you can always decide to choose something that will make you look great, regardless of the number on the tag. When making your shopping plans, decide where to go in advance to get the things on your list. Pre-planning will help you avoid the stress of wandering aimlessly from store to store, looking for your items. Here’s an article I wrote for Entrepreneurial Woman Magazine that talks about how to shop effectively and on a budget.

2. Remember to breathe and take little breaks. It’s important to manage your energy when you’re shopping and little breaks are a great way to do this. A great book for you, or a great gift for the other busy people in your life is the Mini Retreat Solution, by Julia James. You can get them from the author’s website and online at Amazon. I love the Mini Retreats because they are short, fun and easy to do. More importantly, they really work!

3. Let people help you – whether it’s the staff at a retail outlet, a cleaning service for your home or a personal shopper for the people you love, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Even your kids can help out with small chores and small gifts too. Make finding the items on your list a game – great for kids of any age (I still even find that making a game of stuff helps me get it done).

Most important, remember the spirit of the season is about community, enjoyment and love and be sure to love yourself first so you can enjoy your time with others and your time in shopping too.