Have you ever switched bags and discovered later in the day that a crucial piece was missing from your purse? Whether it’s feminine supplies, a lipstick, your wallet or day-planner, business cards or a packet of tissue, not having that thing when you need it can be frustrating. Sometimes we can purchase what we need on the go, but sometimes we can’t. There are a couple of different ways to solve this switching dilemma – choose which works for you:

Option One: Equip each bag with necessary items: if you have two or three regular bags, this can be a useful option. Frequently used items can be duplicated in each bag, minimizing the number of things that need to be transferred each time. You can also include a central bag that contains your wallet, keys and phone as well as other not so easily duplicated items.

Option Two: Empty your bag’s contents each day into a single “at home” location: Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying consultant, advocates this approach, having a special place for the things that go into your bag each day. When you arrive home, transfer the items from your bag into their “at home” location (a tray, box or drawer works well), thank your bag for its service and put it away in the closet or drawer where you store your bags. The next morning, take out the bag you want to use and reload it with the items from their ‘at home’ location.

Option Three: Use a purse organizer: If you like to switch bags but don’t love the idea of unloading and reloading daily, try a purse insert. This type of organizer holds all the ‘guts’ of your bag and can be easily transferred from bag to bag, without risk of forgetting things in between.

Over the years, I’ve tried all three options. My favourite for keeping things together was a purse insert, but recently I have found Option Two to be a nice way to start and finish my day. I have a set of tall drawers in my house near my entryway and unloading my bag each day and putting everything in their “at home” locations gives me a nice sense of completion for the day. When I’m reloading the next morning, I can choose things based on what I’m doing that day and what size of bag I’m carrying. I like the ritual of unloading and reloading and have built a bit of extra time into my day for that purpose. The nice thing about this is that I can always find my keys, wallet and other bits easily because they have a place at home, and I rarely leave necessary bits behind anymore.

Let us know what works for you – duplicates, unloading/reloading or keeping it all together?