Many people who work in the fashion and retail industry believe that the form of the clothing is more important than how well it functions. The theory says if you look good, you’ll feel good and that’s that. However, this popular myth completely disregards a person’s lifestyle and personal preference. In our books, it doesn’t matter how good something looks if it doesn’t function properly.

This is where lifestyle and wardrobe analysis comes into play. If you are a working parent who gets up early, answers a bunch of email, gets the kids up and running, heads into work after putting on a load of dishes and laundry and then runs errands during lunch and goes to the soccer field after work to cheer on your kid in the rain, then your clothing needs to do something very different for you than someone who is child-free, drives from garage to garage and socializes with friends after work. It’s simply a practical look at what your clothes need to do for you physically.

Where this begins to enter a bit of a gray area is when we start looking at clothing values and personality style; you might like a higher level of function for particular things and a higher level of form for others. For example, for your gym gear, you might be less concerned about the colours and styles and more concerned about the supportive or wicking properties. For your friend’s wedding, you might be less concerned about the functionality of those towering heels and more about how wicked you look in your outfit.

The point is, form and function can coexist. One isn’t better than the other and everybody feels differently about both. All we do is help you figure out where you fall on the spectrum and build your wardrobe accordingly. We love to hear from you – are you more into form, or function, or finding a balance between both?