The saying goes”Nobody told me there’d be days like this”, and many people find themselves unprepared when it comes to dressing for those low energy days.

Don’t feel like standing out in a crowd? Feeling a little blue? Feeling kind of quiet or want to hide out in the background? It’s okay to have these kinds of days and it’s okay to experience a little low energy, even though our world sometimes encourages us to be ‘on’ all the time.

The truth is that we all have peaks and valleys in our energy and it is possible to dress for both. The beautiful thing about clothing is that it can be used in a number of different ways for different purposes. Clothing can often make people feel great, it can usually help people communicate and it can sometimes help people feel supported when  they feel low.

Here are three tips for choosing things that are nurturing and grounding when those low days come around.

1. Soft, draping fabric that feels great against the skin can help nurture people on low energy days. Often a low day just needs a little cuddle and softer fabrics that drape and hold the body can feel like a sweet hug from the closet.

2. Muted or darker colours tend to recede, helping people blend into the background a little on the days when they don’t feel like being noticed. One caveat is that black can be de-energizing further because it’s a lack of colour altogether, so try for something that is navy, brown, gray or otherwise neutral to match a lower, softer energy.

3. Things that fit well without pinching or binding or digging into the body are great for low days. It’s possible to be comfortable in things that skim the body with a bit of ease or stretch without resorting to sweatpants.

All that said, if it’s really a great day to hide away in bed, then cuddly pajamas and a big duvet are terrific things to wear, for anybody. Stay warm, inside and out and enjoy all the gifts of that quieter, lower energy, like introspection, pondering and listening to that ‘still, small voice’.