There are many myths out there we enjoy debunking on a regular basis and this is my personal favourite. Fashion can be many things, including inspirational, aspirational, ridiculous or sublime, but complicated, it ain’t. Here’s the ICU Handy Dandy Guide to figuring out fashion, for you (and not for some mythical idea of what you *should* wear, be, do or have):

1. Fashion is just like Lego

There are certain building blocks that exist in fashion and clothing, just like in Lego. These building blocks are the elements of design, including colour, shape, line, texture, dimension and scale. When these building blocks are matched with your own, the result is harmony or congruence in your outfit, meaning that everything goes together with your unique properties.

2. Fashion is subjective

Fashion trends are set by the inspiration of the designers and by the Pantone colour people years ahead of time. It’s just what ‘most people are wearing’ at any given time and I personally think that the ever-shifting fashion landscape is just a cure for boredom. Skinny is in! Boot cut is in! Stilettos are the thing! No, stacked kitten heels are the thing! The key to making it easy is referring back to #1, or your  building blocks. If a new trend follows along with your style, great. If not, don’t wear it. Easy.

3. Fashion is for fun

You can use fashion just like anything else – as a tool for career advancement, as a vehicle for self-expression, as a simplification of your life via a ‘uniform’ or disregard it entirely and go your own way. Whatever path you choose, remember that getting dressed is meant to be light and easy, not fraught with frustration. Do you feel great in what you’re wearing? Awesome. Do you feel less than great? Switch it up.

4. Fashion is an inside job

Ultimately, deciding what to wear is entirely up to you. It can help to have a gentle outside perspective and a guide to assist you, but what you wear depends a lot on how you feel, how you see yourself and what you want to show to the world. This means that no one can ever truly dictate what works for you and that you aren’t limited to the whims of the fashion mags. Use them for inspiration, search Google for what you love and let your heart be your guide.

5. Fashion help exists

Let’s say you’ve read all the info on making fashion easier and still feel confused. There are a number of good resources out there and of course, excellent consultants like us who can give you a friendly hand up. Don’t wait, start enjoying your closet and making getting dressed easier today.

Fashion isn’t complicated. Let us help you figure it out.