Fashion BitesOkay, we’ve all had it at some point or another. When you’ve purchased something that is a bit beyond your capability to handle, your fashion choices can come back to bite you. To the left, I present Exhibit A, the Too-Tippy Shoe Twist (TTST). When you’re purchasing your shoes, it’s a good idea to do a lap or two in them, run, jump, squat, stretch and dance a little jig in the store. If there’s any hint of a wobble, twist, or loss of balance, sit down immediately and reconsider. These issues can occur when a shoe is too high, doesn’t offer adequate strapping to prevent left/right wobbles, or doesn’t have enough stability in the heel to give you support when you’re actually moving around. Unless you’re planning to be carried around in a chaise by handsome servants, RUN AWAY! Do not purchase these shoes. No matter how beautiful they are or how appropriate they are or how beautifully they go with your outfit. No chaise? No shoes. In this case, stability is a virtue.

Sadly, even if you’ve done all those things (as I did, with my summer strappy wedges), and if you’ve worn them a dozen times or more without incident, you can still be at risk of the TTST. Remember that your heels are not sneakers. They are not meant for a quick dash across the street, avoiding oncoming traffic. They are not meant for a gazelle-like leap to the curb. They are still a relatively inefficient shoe for moving. Know your heel limits and exercise caution at all times and you too can minimize your risk of TTST. Stay safe out there, my lovelies. Until next time….