If you’re in the corporate world, your LinkedIn is your new business card, with the advantage of expanding your reach beyond your name and contact information. It’s a place to share your accomplishments, showcase your personality and stay connected to your network. Many people fall into the trap of getting into a job, forgetting about the future, and then panicking when they need to suddenly be ‘out there’ again. Even if you’re not in a client facing role, you’re always facing someone, and people will want to know who you are beyond the face they see across the desk or monitor.


Here are some simple things to consider when developing your online presence:


  1. Keep your picture updated – even a good selfie is better than an outdated headshot. Try to show a little personality, keep it simple and keep it current.
  2. Keep your banner relevant – there are many free LinkedIn banners to choose from, so find one that represents you, your industry, or your particular work
  3. Keep your accomplishments value focused – no one cares about the laundry list of things for which you were responsible in your last role – I’m already snoring, zzzzz. Talk about your impact.
  4. Keep your About section interesting – update this regularly; talk about the work you’re doing, your personal projects, your philosophy, and your outside interests. Let us get to know you and what you stand for.
  5. Keep your title personable – what’s your mission? Use this valuable real estate to make a declaration.


Above all, remember that your LinkedIn is now often the first thing people see about you before they meet you – make sure that impression is good.