In this next phase of my professional development, I’ve been working with a coach to help me get to seven figures in my business and one of the main questions we often discuss is “What is the value of the work you are doing?” So often we settle for soft objectives, soft metrics and ‘feel good’ statements when we are looking at our progress and we don’t push further into articulating the true impact we have. For example, it’s great to have your insides aligned with your outsides and to have more confidence, but what is the alignment and confidence doing for you? My clients are learning to claim the value of the work we do together and state clearly that their increased confidence allowed them to negotiate a promotion and raise, close a deal, or get their teams to do the work they need their teams to do. Your value goes beyond the nice objective – if you’re doing a great job, make it known. How much did you save your company with that new process? How much did you earn with that latest deal? What did that collaboration with that partner do for the company’s bottom line? When you’re thinking of your work, developing your LinkedIn profile, or updating your CV, remember to include your value, always.