Add New Life to Your Old Pieces

Wondering how to give your wardrobe a boost without a budget? Here are the top three tips for making a shift on a shoestring:

Unexpected CombinationTip #1: Combinations

Try a new combination: One of the most common wardrobe errors is to always wear the same pieces the same way. Instead of always pairing the same blouse with your black pants, try it with your other pants, jeans or a skirt for a refreshing shift. You’ll never know if things go together unless you try, so pull out a few unexpected pairings to see if
they’ll roll. Mix up colour, pattern and texture for an added pop.


Layer up




Tip #2: Layering

Try layering it up: As the season shifts, some of your lighter summer clothing might be too chilly for the fall weather. If you haven’t paired your summer blouses or dresses with a pullover or a closer fitting shirt underneath and added tights for warmth, give it a go.

Unexpected AccessorizingTip #3

Accessorize unexpectedly: If you have several necklaces or bracelets and feel a bit bored with your choices, try wearing more than one at once. Layers don’t only work for clothing and layering accessories is a fresh way to shift the dial to a more current look.


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