Wear the Trend – Summer 2016 Rucksacks

Love comfortable and practical solutions for carrying your stuff? This trend is for you. Though the rucksack is generally considered a more casual type of bag, it can be dressed up with leather and more structure, or dressed down with a more casual fabric choice and a softer style. Here is a small sample that shows how different personality types might exercise this trend, from left to right.

Group shot

  1. Appropriate for professional situations and for someone who loves sharply tailored clothing. Simple black with gold hardware detail adds sophistication.
  2. An elegant and simple bag that works well with softer tailoring and the clean lines of a slightly relaxed look. A more casual fabric choice drops the level of formality.
  3. A canvas fabric with some eclectic badge details is perfect for the more natural personality style type. Outside pockets are great for practical access to things you need on the go. No fuss, no muss.
  4. For the classic personality style type, a rucksack that combines a fine leather with practical styling and colour is an excellent choice.
  5. With this playful styling, fabric and print, the creative personality style type will have a chance to express their colourful take on the trend.
  6. Finally, the romantic personality style type will love a more feminine expression of the trend, with soft colour, quilting and heart detail.


Whatever your personality style type, there is a way to wear this summer’s trend easily. For more information on any of these examples, check out our page on Polyvore. Still not sure how this style might work for you? We’re here to help, click to get started.