Summer lovin’ – clothing care tools and feel-good faves

It’s summer once again and since it’s my favourite season, my thoughts always turn to my favourite things at this time. Here is a sampling of my favourite things, from small to large and all good for your wardrobe, image and health.

1. A compact clothing steamer

Rowenta SteamerMy Rowenta Ultrasteam is lovely. I have used this on everything from dresses to wrinkled pillows and it’s awesome! I love the fact that it’s a nice small size and doesn’t get things ridiculously wet like some other steamers do. I hate ironing, so a clothing steamer is a must for me, especially because I also like things to be fast and easy and a steamer does a great job on wrinkles when I’ve got five minutes in the bathroom in the morning instead of 20 to drag out the ironing board. Way more fun!

2. Sandals that massage my feet

Okay, I recognize that these are *not* stylish or fashionable in any way. However, when you’reNoppy Sandals on your feet all day shopping and working in client closets, your tired puppies deserve a break! When I can’t get my feet massaged by the delicious sandy beach at English Bay, these are my next best thing. Just pop these on (you can wear them in the house) and walk around for a bit and voila! Your feet will feel invigorated. A special bonus is that there are acupressure points in your feet that help stimulate your digestion and tension release in a number of areas of your body, so they’re great for healing too! These are Birkenstock Super Noppy Sandals and they are awesome.

3. Easy summer dresses

Grey Floaty DressBar none, summer is the best season for dresses by far. If you love to keep things simple, there’s nothing better than slipping on a dress, some sandals and a bit of jewellery and you’re good to go. There are dozens of styles for every body type and personality and they are a fast way to look great with very little effort.  I love recommending them to clients and I love wearing them myself. I just saw some great ones in New World on Cordova Street (cool retro) and some easy pieces at La Differencia in Gastown.
What’s your favourite season and what do you love?