Pattern Mixing 101

Now that spring has sprung and we’ve been mixing up colours for a while, it’s a great time to look at mixing patterns as well. If you’ve been shy about jumping on this bandwagon because you weren’t sure how to go about it, here are a few simple ways to make it work for you, even if you’re a mostly classic dresser.

Remember that the key is always repetition.

Repeat pattern ElementAs with colour, you’ll want to draw a part of the pattern through the outfit to keep it unified.    In this   example, we’ve used the floral motif throughout, while keeping the colours unified as  well for an overall fun look. Other ways to use pattern include repeating the line of the pattern throughout, using the colours from the pattern plus line to act as a unifying factor, using the motif in a coloured pattern and then woven into the texture of another garment in the set, or using the density of the pattern to work between items.

Any way you work it, pattern mixing can work for anyone willing to try it and it can be one of the freshest fun ways to add a hit of interest to your daily outfit routine. Want to know how patterns could specifically work for you? Click here and we’ll help you get started!