It’s the last night…

…of 2012 and you’re about to be deluged with a whole bunch of opportunities on how to recreate yourself for 2013…except the thing is, you’re still the same person! In fact, you’re the same person and you’re completely awesome just the way you are. Rather than spending this time thinking about all the stuff you didn’t get done in 2012 and writing down more stuff you’re not really going to do in 2013, try some simple rituals that are easy and gentle for closing the year and opening the new one. One of my favourites is Jamie Salad’s “Closing the Year”. I first heard of it in 2011 and have enjoyed doing this process for two years and it really is a nice way to look back and plan ahead – click here to check it out for yourself.

If you decide you want to set some goals, make sure they’re SMART!

* Specific (exactly what will you do?)
* Measurable (how will you know you’ve done it?)
* Ambitious (slightly – we still want to be realistic)
* Responsible (you want to set goals that are good for you and others, not crazy unhealthy ones)
* Time-sensitive (when will you do this thing you plan to do?).

Get it in writing and get started; remember that you only need to be a little bit better every day in order to be a whole lot better at the end of 2013. Happy New Year!