Colour Mixing Across the Wheel

Adventurous souls who like a bit of drama and contrast can mix up their outfits using complementary colours, those that are across the colour wheel from one another. Combinations like yellow and purple, as seen here, or blue/orange and green/red can be used to get noticed. I fondly remember a purple suit with canary yellow top and earrings I wore in high school – it was fun to have something so bright to wear to get through cloudy days. If you’re going to use this theory to mix colours, try to repeat the intensity or undertone to keep the mix together.


You can see more of our colour mixes on our page at Polyvore if you’d like a bit more info, or check out our other blog posts. If you’d like more information on what colours will work for you and how to add more colour to your wardrobe, we can help. Click here to get started.