Colour, Body and Personality Analysis on the Plum Blog!

plumlogoI’m guest posting for the next few weeks over at the ‘No Guru’ blog for Plum and we’re talking about how colour, body and personality style affect your clothing choices. I love what Plum is doing for their training program – they’re helping their staff increase their body of knowledge as well as putting a framework around their intuitive sense of style and what looks good on their customers. Their whole message is about dressing with purpose, which really resonates with me. This is a terrific collaboration between Plum and ICU, so I encourage you to click over to their blog to see what’s up with their program and how we’re working together to bring image principles to the Plum shopper to create a better shopping experience. Here are the first two links:

The next two posts will be on the body and elements of design reflected in clothing and then we’ll do a bit on personality style too. I hope you’ll enjoy what’s going on at their No Guru blog and I invite you to check out their main website as well at