Choosing a Good Formal Outfit

As we saw at the Golden Globes this year, choosing a good outfit can be fraught with peril. Here are a few simple guidelines to make it easier for you to be well prepared the next time you need to choose a good formal look.

Emmy RossumMatch your colouring to the colouring of your outfit. As we see here with the always stunning Emmy Rossum, the bold colour choice complements her bold colouring very well. There were a number of other examples on the red carpet as well, notably Amy Adams in Atelier Versace, Brie Larsen in custom Calvin Klein and Zendaya in Marchesa. When you match your colouring to your outfit, there is a much greater chance of people seeing you and not simply marvelling at your outfit. You never want your clothing to wear you.

Jaimie AlexanderMatch your body lines to the lines of the garment. Soft curvy lines do well with draping fabric and straighter lines do well with crisp geometric cuts. Jaimie Alexander did a great job of matching her geometrically amazing angles with the geometry of her Genny gown. A few other notable mentions are Cate Blanchett (love it or hate it) and Melissa McCarthy (strictly for the design, not the colour or shine.)

Lady GagaMatch your personality style to your choice. Lady Gaga channeled her own version of Marilyn Monroe in a black, high drama contrasting gown to match her strong platinum blonde statement. A few other strong personality statements included Jennifer Lopez with her dramatic yellow gown and Kate Hudson with her saucy bandeau. Naturally it helps if you integrate all three elements for best results, but sometimes personality trumps all.



Whatever your choice, professional help always helps. Got a gala? Let us know and we’ll help you hit it out of the park.