Who Is Your Favourite Image Consultant?

BOVIt’s that time of year again when we Vancouverites (and interested out of town parties) gather to vote for our favourite Vancouver things in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver poll. Last year, ICU had the honour of being first runner-up in the ‘Best Place to Get a Non-Surgical Makeover’ category in the ‘Style’ section.

Please click here to vote: http://www.straight.com/bov/2012. and you’ll be entered in the draw for a $2500 vacation!

You’ll need to put entries in at least 25 categories to qualify your ballot, so please vote for some other cool Vancouver stuff too such as best TV personality or best local restaurant or favourite Canuck. Some of my personal faves include:

Best local designer – Malene Grotrian, Best Realtor – Paul Toffoli, Best Travel Agent – Bobbi-Jo Roback of TPI Travel, Best Mortgage Broker – Birgit Holm, Best Car Service – Pawlik Automotive, Best Place to Buy a Car (used and new) – AutoOne, Best Trainer – Sheron Stone, Best Gym – Symmetrix, Best AutoBody – ColorWorks, Best Physio – Wil Seto, Best Chiropractor – Dr. Shelley Adams, Best Acupuncturist – Kelli Taylor, Best Hair Salon – Hype Hair Studio

I highly recommend all of these people if you want to try them out. Let me know and I’ll happily connect you! Enjoy voting and good luck in the draw.